Albert Mangelsdorff: Ant Stepped On An Elephant's Toe


Ant Stepped On An Elephant's Toe


Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone)


Trilogue - Live! (MPS 68175)

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Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone), Jaco Pastorius (electric bass), Alphonse Mouzon (drums).

Composed by Albert Mangelsdorff


Recorded: Berlin, November 6, 1976


Rating: 97/100 (learn more)

Albert Mangelsdorff's unique approach to the trombone is abundantly displayed in this trio performance. His aggressive use of advanced multiphonic techniques is featured from his rubato solo introduction through his wild and unrestrained improvisation. Mouzon follows his cues excellently, complementing Mangelsdorff's flourishes with perfectly-placed rhythmic responses. The tune relaxes into a funky groove as Pastorius takes center stage with his own solo. Mangelsdorff comes back in and blows behind him before the group transitions back into the head, this time noticably faster than the introduction. Rather than end there though, the melody unravels slowly. The track ends humorously with Mangelsdorff playing a figure across the entire range of his instrument, before a single unison note ends the song.

Reviewer: Alex W. Rodriguez

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