Dylan van der Schyff, Chris Gestrin, Ben Monder: The Distance


The Distance


Dylan van der Schyff (drums), Chris Gestrin (piano), and Ben Monder (guitar)


The Distance (Songlines SGL SA1557-2)

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Dylan van der Schyff (drums), Chris Gestrin (piano), Ben Monder (guitar).

Composed by Chris Gestrin


Recorded: Vancouver, BC, June 29, 2004


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Chris Gestrin plays an attractive Bill-Evans-out-of-Keith-Jarrett piano on "The Distance," complemented nicely by his like-minded confreres, guitarist Ben Monder and drummer Dylan van der Schyff. The performance bears a quiet, pastoral quality, thanks to Gestrin's gentle, romantic melodicism, Monder's clean, round tones, and van der Schyff's light, brush-laden touch—to say nothing of the tune itself, with its profoundly consonant harmonies and bossa-ish rhythmic foundation. The music has a solemn, ECM-ish vibe: pretty but not too pretty; challenging but not intimidating. Elsewhere, the musicians prove themselves well capable of creative abstraction; here, however, they indulge their more conventionally lyrical side, with some success.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey

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