Milton Nascimento: Nos Bailes da Vida


Nos Bailes Da Vida


Milton Nascimento (vocals, guitar)


Ao Vivo (Polygram Brazil 817307)

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Milton Nascimento (vocals, guitar),

with band including Wagner Tiso (keyboards), Hélio Delmiro (guitar), Paulinho Carvalho (bass), Robertinho Silva (percussion, drums), Nenem (drums, percussion)


Composed by Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant


Recorded: São Paulo, November 1-3. 1983


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Most of this live album is weighed down by tepid orchestral arrangements. But on "Nos Bailes da Vida," Nascimento decides that a 39-piece band isn't big enough for him, and enlists the enthusiastic São Paulo audience to be his accompanists. This artist's performances have always struck me with their charismatic (in the old, sociological sense of the word) and quasi-ritualistic quality—sometimes made explicit, but usually just felt behind the surface of the music. This radiant, transcendent side of Nascimento comes to the fore on this track, and the sing-song quality of the melody adds to the effect. Imagine a soundspace that serves as meeting ground between an anthem for the African diaspora and nursery lullaby for a toddler, and you will get some idea of the territory Nascimento is staking out here. An uplifting performance!

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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