Bing Crosby and the Mills Brothers: Dinah




Bing Crosby (vocals)


The Essential Bing Crosby (Columbia 85956)

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Bing Crosby (vocals),

The Mills Brothers: Harry Mills, Donald Mills (vocals), John Mills (vocals, guitar); Frank Guarente (trumpet), Will Bradley (trombone), Les Dreyer, Bernie Krueger, Max Farley (reeds), Fred Glickman, Max Solowsky (violins), Joe Meresco (piano), Eddie Lang (guitar); Hank Stern (bass); Larry Gomar (drums).


Composed by Harry Akst, Samuel Lewis and Joseph Young


Recorded: New York, December 16, 1931


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Bing Crosby and the Mills Brothers enjoyed long careers in pop music, but they were all influenced by jazz in their early years. “Dinah” starts out like one of Crosby’s pop records, with Crosby singing the melody with minor variations over a small orchestra with strings. Then the tempo jumps up, there is a jazzy trumpet break, the Mills Brothers enter, and most of the orchestra is silent for the rest of the recording. John Mills sings a tuba part under the three-part harmony of his brothers (John also plays guitar for the rest of the side). Donald Mills takes a scat break to finish the chorus, then Crosby takes over with a scat solo of his own. While Crosby sings even eighth notes on top of the beat, he varies the line with sharp rhythmic emphasis. Trumpeter Frank Guarante accompanies Crosby when he goes back to the lyrics at the bridge, and then again in the first half of the next chorus, but the solo at the bridge which follows is not a trumpet, but a vocal impression by Harry Mills. The side comes to an exciting conclusion as the Mills Brothers riff like a high-powered big band behind Crosby.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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