Karrin Allyson: Everybody's Boppin'


Everybody's Boppin'


Karrin Allyson (vocals)


Footprints (Concord Jazz 2291)

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Karrin Allyson (vocals), Jon Hendricks (vocals), Nancy King (vocals),

Bruce Barth (piano), Peter Washington (bass), Todd Strait (drums)


Composed by Jon Hendricks


Recorded: New York, September 24-29, 2005


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

To close her vocalese tribute CD, Footprints, Karrin Allyson gathered together her guest artists Nancy King and Jon Hendricks for a scat summit on the Lambert, Hendricks & Ross staple, “Everybody’s Boppin’”. The tempo is easily as fast as the LH&R version, and the collective energy fairly bursts out of the speakers. It’s Allyson’s album, but she’s also the youngest singer here and thus has the most to prove. But she is up to the task and her rhythmically taut and harmonically sure solo gets the improvisations off to a flying start. Hendricks comes in sounding like a erupting volcano. While his voice is not what it was in his glory days, he still controls it very well, landing on all the right notes and not losing the growing momentum of the performance. Nancy King’s solo features outrageous leaps from register to register, with a jaw-dropping assortment of vocal sounds. After Bruce Barth’s note-gobbling exchanges with Todd Strait, the vocalists return for an ensemble chorus and a reprise of the melody. The performance closes with rapid-fire scat exchanges, with Allyson getting in the first and last word before the final chord.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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