Dan Moretti: Cajun The Squirrel


Cajun The Squirrel


Dan Moretti (tenor sax)


Tres Muse (Foundations Jazz Records FJR902)

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Dan Moretti (tenor sax),

Marty Ballou (electric bass), Marty Richards (drums)


Composed by Dan Moretti


Recorded: West Greenwich, RI (unknown date)


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

With only a two-note riff and a two-man rhythm section to work with, there’s no place for Dan Moretti to hide behind. Not that Dan Moretti has anything that needs suppressing, however. Bolstered by the sturdy low tones of Ballou and the brawny, bombed-filled drumming of Richards, Moretti squeezes the soul out of his notes, but never suffocates them. Ballou might have gotten by with a standup, but his amped-up bass is just what was needed to match the punch of the drums. He walks the middle section of the song with authority as the tenor is dropping phrases in lockstep with Richards’ accented beats.

On “Cajun The Squirrel,” this trio fills up the sonic space nicely, with vigor and tempered expressiveness.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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