Oscar Peterson: C Jam Blues


C Jam Blues


Oscar Peterson (piano)


Night Train (Verve 314 521 440)

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Oscar Peterson (piano), Ray Brown (bass), Ed Thigpen (drums).

Composed by Duke Ellington


Recorded: Los Angeles, December 16, 1962


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

In a sense, Duke Ellington’s “C Jam Blues” is the jazz equivalent of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Both pieces are based on a pair of pitches, but the miracle is how much music is created from those two pitches. Oscar Peterson’s version of “C Jam Blues” is from his LP Night Train, and like the title track of that album, Peterson makes an arrangement for his trio rather than just blowing through a few choruses of blues and going on the next tune. The arrangement is rather modest, since Peterson solos through the entire track save for an 8-bar intro by Ray Brown. Peterson incorporates Ellington’s original 4-bar breaks at the start of his first four choruses (which is actually two more than we really needed—the effect gets a little tiresome). After a couple of choruses of straight playing, he incorporates a shout chorus figure which is quickly picked up by Thigpen. Peterson takes two more solo choruses then goes back to the tune, played first in block chords and then in single notes.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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