Erik Friedlander: Spinning Plates


Spinning Plates



Broken Arm Trio (SkipStone 3)

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Erik Friedlander (cello),

Trevor Dunn (bass), Mike Sarin (drums)


Composed by Erik Friedlander


Recorded: New York, January 24-25, 2008


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

Whether accompanying John Zorn, Laurie Anderson or Fred Hersch, Erik Friedlander has exhibited a complex knowledge of the cello that has placed him at the vanguard of both improvisational jazz and contemporary classical music. Named after the incident that prompted Oscar Pettiford to begin playing the cello, Friedlanderís 2008 release Broken Arm Trio continues his progressive vision for the cello in the 2000s. A fine example of his vision is the albumís opening track ďSpinning Plates.Ē

Friedlander combines a swinging melody and an unyielding rhythm section to secure his musical statement. During his solo from :33-1:30, Friedlander keeps the energy going with lengthy arpeggios and lively themes. Sarinís sometimes spasmodic performance keeps Friedlanderís solo fresh with Dunn going back and forth from rhythmic to melodic roles whenever he sees fit. Friedlander punctuates his melodies with wonderfully executed double-stops at 1:40 which spice up the arrangement and allow Dunn to improvise. The double-stops are a welcome accompanying device as opposed to a walking bassline or a more traditional chordal playing. A true testimony to the achievement of a modern cello giant.

Reviewer: Eric Wendell

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