Julius Hemphill: Body




Julius Hemphill (reeds) and Abdul Wadud (cello)


Flat-Out Jump Suite (Black Saint 40)

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Julius Hemphill (reeds), Abdul Wadud (cello), Olu Dara (cornet), Warren Smith (percussion).

Composed by Julius Hemphill


Recorded: Milan, June 4 & 5, 1980


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

As one of the few jazz musicians to play only the cello (as opposed to doubling on bass) Abdul Wadud is equally versed in both classical and jazz styles. Wadud’s resume includes stints with everyone from the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra to Arthur Blythe. His work reached a particular peak of experimentation on the song “Body” from Julius Hemphill’s 1980 album Flat-Out Jump Suite. Wadud firmly grasps the funky feel of the song by performing with a raw bluesy touch. Wadud’s wide and distinct sound stands out when he plays in unison with Hemphill and Dara. The song goes through several tempos and textures, with Wadud adding slight ornamentations during each change. When the song moves into a swing feel, Abdul goes back and forth between a walking bass line and chordal accompaniment. Though his is the only stringed instrument in the ensemble, his performance is the heart of the song and an excellent addition to contemporary jazz cello style.

Reviewer: Eric Wendell

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