Anne Drummond: Curumim




Anne Drummond (flute)


Like Water (Obliq Sound OS 513)

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Anne Drummond (flute),

Klaus Mueller (piano)


Composed by Cesar Camargo Mariano


Recorded: Date Unknown


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

“Curumim” is a bouncy, incisive Brazilian flavored tune that’s perfect for a flute/piano duet such as this one performed by Drummond and Mueller. Mueller is quite a busy fellow on this performance, engaging in snaky unison lines with Drummond, playing harmony, holding down a bass line and keeping time. Drummond’s flute flutters around the piano, stating the melody, playfully jousting with Mueller and inserting mini-solos so seamlessly that her constant role changes go mostly unnoticed. Frequent returns to the memorable theme punctuate brief breaks between the conversational interludes, and so much is packed into a song that runs only a little more than three minutes.

Mariano’s composition is a strong one, but “Curumim” is greatly bolstered by the rapport between these two players.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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