Benjamim Taubkin: Baianinho





Trio + 1 (Adventure Music AM1054 2)

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Benjamim Taubkin (piano), Joatan Nascimento (trumpet, flugelhorn),

Sérgio Reze (drums, melodic gongs), Zeca Assumpação (acoustic bass)


Composed by Joatan Nascimento


Recorded: Date Unknown


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Sérgio Reze’s Latin festive, second-line pulse provides the bedrock for this Latin-flavored tune that conjures up New Orleans as much as it does Rio de Janeiro. “Baianinho” is keyed by an eminently hummable Nascimento-led percussive theme that’s played near the beginning and again at the end. In between, the composition opens up wide, allowing both the trumpet and Taubkin’s piano go down paths of casual exploration. Props also go to the engineering effort of a live-in-the-studio recording that picks up the nuances of the percussion, horn and piano, enabling each player to find his own voice without having to rise above the other voices.

Ultimately, though, “Baianinho” succeeds in its balance of moods: that of being both a jubilant and a breezy song.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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