Emily Remler: Waltz for My Grandfather


Waltz for My Grandfather


Emily Remler (guitar)


Take Two (Concord Jazz )

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Emily Remler (guitar), James Williams (piano), Don Thompson (bass),

Terry Clarke (drums)


Composed by Emily Remler


Recorded: 1982


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

On this moving piece, which Remler wrote for her grandfather, she is joined by a great rhythm section that is anchored heavily by the beautiful bass playing of Don Thompson. Remler herself shows maturity well beyond her years (25 at the time of this recording), playing harmonic structures that are very fitting, given the nature and the title of the song. I'm particularly impressed by how expressive Remler is without saying too much or overdoing it. It's obvious that she could play but she shows that a soloist could be inviting without resorting to over the top melodic or harmonic explorations. There are certain runs Remler executes on this song that remind me of Pat Metheny and I have a feeling she secretly had an affinity for his playing.

Don Thompson plays a great bass solo towards the end of the solo section before the band comes back to the head and he augments the harmonic movements of Remler during the A section with well placed notes from the upper register of the bass. Another great song from one of the giants of 1980s jazz music.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley

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