Jaki Byard: Willow Weep For Me


Willow Weep For Me


Jaki Byard (piano)


Parisian Solos (Musica 2008)

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Jaki Byard (piano).

Composed by Ann Ronnell


Recorded: Paris, July 29, 1971


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

This solo piano version somewhat references the Art Tatum version. When Jaki hits his solo, it's so well paced and beautiful, it makes me want to go to the piano. He has a way of giving me everything I want to hear in a song when he's at the piano. I love the ending of this with the tremolo in the left hand; it's as if a ghost is still playing the bass line. This is a great way for one to approach solo piano. It's difficult, but it's a form that I am blessed to say that I learned directly from Jaki.

Reviewer: Jason Moran

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