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Wayne Shorter (tenor sax)


Schizophrenia (Blue Note)

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Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Curtis Fuller (trombone), James Spaulding (alto sax, flute), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Joe Chambers (drums).

Composed by James Spaulding


Recorded: March 10th, 1967


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

I'm generally amazed at the amount of work Wayne Shorter has released in his fifty year career. His album output during the 1960s, though not the most of any jazz musician, arguably had more impact than most other musician's material. In 1967, Shorter assembled an all-star cast of musicians for his Blue Note recording Schizophrenia . Unlike previous efforts, this one didn't feature a trumpet player, instead Shorter brought on alto saxophonist James Spaulding and trombonist Curtis Fuller. The result? An album that featured not only unison melodies between the brass sections but also intricate counterpoints between them and Hancock.

This is the only song off of Schizophrenia that Mr. Shorter didn't compose but this piece by James Spaulding lives up to its title. Spaulding plays flute on this modal piece in Eb and he also has the first solo. His solo is solid, with Hancock comping sparingly if not all during most of his solo. I think James Spaulding was an extremely underrated soloist. His tone on both alto and on flute are rich and full. As always, Shorter plays a cool solo, complete with note bends, slurs and intricate phrasing. Shorter's solo is nice but I think Spaulding and Hancock are the winners on this track. Hancock dazzles over the drum and bass work of Chambers and Carter, with blistering fast melodic lines and dark interval choices.

Schizophrenia , is a key album in the discography of Wayne Shorter and although it's not held as in high regard as Speak No Evil or JuJu, it ranks up there with them just as equally in my opinion.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley

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