Bill Frisell: We Are Everywhere


We Are Everywhere


Bill Frisell (acoustic and electric guitars)


Intercontinentals (Nonesuch 79661)

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Bill Frisell (acoustic and electric guitars), Greg Leisz (pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, mandolin, resonator guitar),

Vinicius Cantuariua (acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, backing vocals), Sidiki Camara (percussion)


Composed by Bill Frisell


Recorded: Studio Litho, Seattle, Washington, 2002-2003


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Frisell borrowed an approach from himself for his 2001 foray into world music, The Intercontinentals. As he successfully accomplished with 1998’s Nashville, the guitarist surrounded himself with both his regular partners and leading players from outside genres – only to throw all common rules to the curb and encourage his players to collectively improvise their way through each composition. The musical gamble worked again, this time with guests from Brazil, Macedonia and Mali. “We Are Everywhere” is one of the longer selections on this record, giving the listener a heightened sense of the time spent developing a group rapport with both each other and the song’s structure. The first few minutes are spent presenting themes and developing mood over Sidiki Camara’s hand drums and a droning bass line. As the musicians start taking it upon themselves to push the improvisation forward, each musician must realize that they are all thinking similarly, because the tune develops in a beautifully unprompted yet cooperative manner - as if it had been played hundreds of times before.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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