Gregg Gelb: Funk It!


Funk It!


Gregg Gelb (tenor sax, clarinet)


Breakaway (MG Records MG104)

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Gregg Gelb (tenor sax, clarinet), Steve Anderson (piano), Steve Haines (bass), Ben Jensen (drums).

Composed by Gregg Gelb


Recorded: Spot Recording Studio, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, September 1, 2008


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

I don't know if your dad ever told you this but you have to be very careful with the funk. It can put permanent (and embarrassing!) stains on your clothes, bumping up your chance of making terrible first impressions in social situations.

Even worse: it can get you mistaken for a smooth jazz musician. Just think, one wrong move and you're sandwiched in between Kenny G and Boney James. Ouch.

As luck would have it, Gregg Gelb knows how to handle the funk. He's got a drummer slinging with that loose-but-tight feel, a sympathetic piano player who can amp up the funk with snazzy unison lines as well as wide-ranging solos, and a bassist who can swing like crazy. This is one fun little tune. The soulful vibe might induce spontaneous body part wavin', but I predict no other social disturbances.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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