Ray Brown Trio: Lady Be Good


Lady Be Good


Ray Brown Trio


The Red Hot Ray Brown Trio (Concord Jazz/Groove Note SACD GRV1028-3)

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Ray Brown (bass), Gene Harris (piano), Mickey Roker (drums).

George Gershwin (composer)


Recorded: live at the "Blue Note", New York, November 12, 1985


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

When I was just getting really serious about the music, and going out and buying records with the allowance my mother would give me every week, I remember going to the store specifically saying, “I’ve got to buy a Ray Brown record.” Don’t know why I didn’t buy an Oscar Peterson record. But instead, I went right to the Ray Brown section, I’m kind of thumbing through the records, and I saw Soular Energy, I saw Don’t Forget the Blues, I saw Something For Lester, and I saw The Red Hot Ray Brown Trio. I just liked the cover. It was red, had this yellow writing, and it said “red-hot,” so I thought, “Well, it must be swinging.” So I picked up that one. So that has a REAL soft spot in my heart because it was my first Ray Brown recording. Not the best record to listen to if you really want to get a good dose of Ray Brown, because he’s not really playing very much on it. It’s Gene Harris’ record almost, Mickey Roker is playing drums, and Ray and Mickey are swinging real hard. But "Lady Be Good" is the one track where you get that classic Ray Brown intro... There’s a little inside joke with people in the Ray Brown family. He had this one intro that he put on almost every song he ever arranged. If he couldn’t think of an intro, he would play this. He would slap his E-string real hard, he’d play a low G on the E-string, and it was BOHM-BOHM, MMM, MMM-HMM, MMM-HMM, MMM-HMM, MMM...BOHM-BOHM. DE-MMM, MMM-HMM... He plays that intro on about 50 different arrangements he has, and that might have been one of the first times he used that intro. All of us in the Ray Brown family, John Clayton, Benny Green, Diana Krall, Geoff Keezer, Geoff Hutchinson, Kareem Riggins, Russell Malone...we all hear that intro, and we just die laughing.

Reviewer: Christian McBride

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