Ann Hampton Callaway: Come Rain Or Come Shine


Come Rain Or Come Shine



Easy Living (Shanachie 5126)

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Ann Hampton Callaway (vocals), Nelson Rangell (alto sax), Benny Green (piano), Peter Washington (bass), Lewis Nash (drums).

Composed by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer


Recorded: New York, early 1999


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Unlike many vocal albums, Ann Hampton Callaway's Easy Living was recorded live in the studio, with Callaway and the instrumentalists all performing together in the same room, rather than laying down individual tracks in isolation booths. The result is one of Callaway's finest recordings, with superb performances from all parties. She approaches "Come Rain Or Come Shine" as a song of seduction, but rather than taking it in a slow torch tempo, she finds an absolutely perfect medium tempo that maintains a light rhythmic feel against the intense lyric. She purrs through the melody at an intimate volume, raising the level only to emphasize particular words. Urged on by the alto saxophone of Nelson Rangell, she raises the intensity bit by bit so that Rangell's solo becomes a natural outgrowth of the theme statement. Rangell is best known for his smooth jazz recordings, and his vibrato seems out of place in this straight-ahead context, but his melodic ideas work just fine in the setting. Benny Green provides a funky piano solo before Callaway returns for a full-voiced and soulful melodic variation, and she and Rangell wail together before the sudden coda.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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