Eric Vloeimans Fugimundi: March Of The Carpenter Ants


March Of The Carpenter Ants


Eric Vloeimans Fugimundi


Live at Yoshi's (Challenge Records CHR70151)

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Eric Vloeimans (trumpet), Harmen Fraanje (piano), Anton Goudsmit (guitar).

Composed by Eric Vloeimans


Recorded: Yoshi's Jazz Club, Oakland, California, October 13, 2008


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

A handful of attackless electric guitar chords sketch out a simple framework. A piano appears to fill in some of the gaps. A bit of this material is pulled aside to fashion a vamp of sorts. A trumpet begins to spin out phrases that mirror this new structure.

Yes, this is one possible description of “March Of The Carpenter Ants,” though not my preferred angle. Music like this — compositions with circular infrastructure — remind me of the notion attached to sculpture: that the shape already lives in the stone, waiting to be unlocked. This might seem like a slightly pretentious notion but it's directly related to my tendency toward musical synesthesia. That is, the perception of sound often triggers the formation of physical shapes.

When the basic shape is outlined, a mere minute or so into the piece, the trio then goes on to spend the remainder of the time pointing out the details of the final artwork — both to me and each other. The amazing and exhilarating thing is that I see new details during each listen.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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