Greg Osby: All Neon Like


All Neon Like


Greg Osby (alto sax)


Inner Circle (Blue Note 99871)

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Greg Osby (alto sax), Jason Moran (piano), Tarus Mateen (bass), Eric Harland (drums).

Composed by Bjork


Recorded: New York, April 22-23, 1999


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

It’s easy to see why a jazz musician might want to tackle Bjork’s “All Neon Like”. Consisting of little more than a sinister synth bass line, a simple electronic beat, and Bjork’s haunting voice soaring overhead, “All Neon Like” is pretty wide open—there’s a lot you can do with it. And so it became a mid-tempo burner for the alto saxophonist Greg Osby, an expressive player whose sharp sound and sense of drama owe something to the great tenor and soprano man Wayne Shorter. Backed by the sensitive and grooving rhythm section of pianist Jason Moran, bassist Tarus Mateen, and drummer Eric Harland, Osby meditates long and hard on this one, soloing for just about the entirety of the track. Moran shines with a few good runs towards the end though, taking things “out” for a moment, and keeping listeners on their toes.

Reviewer: Brad Farberman

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