John Pondel: Mr. Obvious


Mr Obvious


John Pondel (guitar)


John Pondel (RGM 1)

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John Pondel (guitar), David Binney (alto sax), Scott Colley (bass),

Marivaldo Dos Santos (percussion).


Composed by John Pondel


Recorded: Woodstock, NY, 2009


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

“Mr. Obvious” is a clever John Pondel composition that utilizes the cool, smoky sound of David Binney’s alto and Pondel’s mellow guitar lines to establish a mood of mystery and intrigue. The tune could easily be used as the soundtrack for a detective series. “Mr. Obvious” enters the room over the syncopated bass of Scott Colley and the light traps of Marivaldo Dos Santos. The duet of Binney and Pondel musically frame the character’s entrance and create a laid back, hip sixties sound to perfection. Binney, a passionate player, uses a decidedly restrained delivery here to capture a fluid, nonchalant attitude. Pondel is equally subdued when soloing, using chords more than single notes, keeping it simple. The music ends in a precise and crisp finale as “Mr. Obvious” makes his exit.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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