Jonathan Kreisberg: Five Bucks A Bungalow


Five Bucks A Bungalow



New For Now (Criss Cross 1266)

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Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar), Gary Versace (organ), Mark Ferber (drums).

Composed by Jonathan Kreisberg


Recorded: New York, October 13, 2004


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Although he began his career as a pianist in the post-Corea/Hancock vein, Gary Versace has developed a long list of activities on organ as well. Here Versace is using his thoughtful approach on an up-tempo Kreisberg original. The tune is a new head on the sus-chord blues changes of Ron Carter’s “Eighty-One.” Kreisberg’s nimble solo statements, full of modern linear approaches, are supported by the subdued comping of Versace. What is interesting here is how Versace’s fast bass walk locks in with the driving rhythmic motion of Ferber. Versace heats up around 4:15, with a few fourths that he hammers home before he really starts burning. This is a group of young New Yorkers that know how to stretch, and they sound like they are having fun playing the blues.

Reviewer: David Tenenholtz

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