Matt Wilson: Free Range Chicken


Free Range Chicken


Matt Wilson (drums)


Wake Up! (To What's Happening) (Palmetto 2104)

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Matt Wilson (drums), Terell Stafford (trumpet), Larry Goldings (organ), Dennis Irwin (bass).

Composed by Matt Wilson


Recorded: Buck's County, PA, December 7-8, 2003


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

A very simple minor pentatonic vamp sets up a major departure with a fun, quirky melody composed by Matt Wilson. Larry Goldings steps out with a funky vamp, reminiscent of his work with Maceo Parkerís band. Terell Staffordís trumpet (augmented with plunger mute) lends a touch of gut-bucket style, with growls and rips, but also economy. Goldings rocks out during a very experimental solo, and lights a fire under the rest of the rhythm section when he changes his presets during his solo. The chicken here may be clawing and scratching its way out of the coop, hoping to see the light of day.

Reviewer: David Tenenholtz

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