Will Bernard: Magpie




Will Bernard (guitar)


Blue Plate Special (Palmetto 2137)

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Will Bernard (guitar), John Medeski (organ),

Andy Hess (bass), Stanton Moore (drums)


Composed by Will Bernard


Recorded: Buck's County, PA, January 22-24, 2008


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

Taken at a fast tempo, “Magpie”’s jittery melody features a break that sets up a pyramid-like line. The whole band lays down a furiously funky groove, but the screaming organ riffs of Medeski sometimes covers up Bernard’s adept guitar solo. This is nonetheless a tight-knit group, and the intensely greasy solo by Medeski is fun to hear. His organ settings seem centered in hard rock, then altered by a phaser effect that adds a jolt to the notes from the middle range. Once the swirling of the Leslie stops, one is still shaking after Medeski’s powered-up jam on this track.

Reviewer: David Tenenholtz

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