Benny Reid: Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty


Benny Reid (alto sax)


Escaping Shadows (Concord Jazz CJA-31017-02)

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Benny Reid (alto sax),

Richard Padrón (guitar), Jeff Taylor (wordless vocals), Ryan Fitch (percussion), Pablo Vergara (piano, keyboards), Dan Loomis (bass), Kenny Grohowski (drums)


Composed by Benny Reid


Recorded: July-August, 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Like most of the tracks on Escaping Shadows , “Sleeping Beauty” bears the unmistakable mark of mid-period Pat Metheny Group, and the repeating note tapped out in what sounds like Morse code is a near-dead ringer for the 22/8 handclaps that introduces “The First Circle.” Other PMG earmarks are present, like Grohowski’s light but active cymbal work (a Paul Wertico distinction), the melodic wordless vocals that tracks Reid’s sax, the smooth flow from one section to another, with distinct peaks and valleys. Even Vergara’s carefully considered piano solo in the middle is vintage Lyle Mays. It’s got pretty harmonics and Reid knows it, prudently soloing well within the confines of it.

Benny Reid has the iconic guitarist flowing through his creative juices. Pat Metheny is not a bad guy to pattern ones music after, and not an easy one to emulate, either, so there’s no vice in doing that. Even though he plays an entirely different instrument, Reid’s got Metheny down Pat.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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