Ray Brown: Ain't Misbehavin'


Ain't Misbehavin'


Ray Brown (cello)


Jazz Cello (Verve 440 065 395)

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Ray Brown (cello), Don Fagerquist (trumpet), Harry Betts (trombone), Med Flory (alto sax), Bob Cooper (tenor sax), Paul Horn (flute), Jimmy Rowles (piano), Joe Mondragon (bass),

John Cave (french horn), Bill Hood (baritone sax), Dick Shanahan (drums). Arranged and conducted by Russ Garcia


Composed by Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf & Fats Waller.


Recorded: Los Angeles, August 31 or September 1, 1960


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

Ray Brown's 1960 album Jazz Cello was one of the first albums in mainstream jazz to be devoted entirely to the cello. Featuring a full horn and rhythm section, Brown treated the cello as a fully realized melodic instrument. On the standard ďAinít Misbehavin,Ē he proved that the cello could be featured in a big band setting. After a brief introduction from the ensemble, Brown plays the melody pizzicato, and embellishes the melody with slight ornamentation. With Russ Garcia's delicate orchestration, the cello cuts through the large instrumentation. Brown plays a soulful solo leaving plenty of space for the band figures. A delightful track from a late lamented jazz master.

Reviewer: Eric Wendell

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