Breaking jazz news & opinion: september 2009

Tony Bennett's $10 million deal

Who says there's no money in singing standards?
"Why I love jazz"

Twenty Dollars tells the story.
Roy Hargrove still tops airplay chart

Jackie Ryan and Roberta Gambarini take second and third spots.
The most beautiful sax tone ever

The Sax on the Web forum celebrates alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges.
Matthew Shipp on Bud Powell

The pianist engages in a dialogue with Justin Desmangles on a neglected bop master.
Jazz in a Paris parking garage

France supports hundreds of jazz festivals, but still has music left over for the car park.
Digging jazz is hard work?

Peter Hum examines the argument.
Ornette Coleman on JALC's turf

Nate Chinen reports in the New York Times.
Bill, Hillary and the stars at the Village Vanguard

It's amazing what Streisand can do to a jazz club.
Clubs can get tax breaks for pensions for NY jazz musicians

But they aren't interested in funding them.
Newsweek on the new jazz singers

Writers search overseas for new stars.
Shoot the piano player!

Trios look beyond the piano.
Minister defends jazz cuts

Canada's jazz grants will end in April.
Is Rhino Records out of business?

A less dire report can be found here.
12 tips for collecting Blue Note albums

Jazz Collector shares some advice on Blue Note LPs from Allan Songer.
Ethan Iverson writes about the piano

And let me make a plug for The Threepenny Review, a fine periodical.
Sizing up Jazz at Lincoln Center

Wall Street Journal collects some opinions.
Cassandra Wilson in the classroom

Jazz diva visits a Chicago public school.
Roy Hargrove tops the jazz radio chart

Jackie Ryan falls to second spot.
Essential Cannonball Adderley

The Jazz Collector suggests some albums.
No genius grants for jazz this year

Chris Kelsey looks at the list of MacArthur honorees, and asks which jazz artists deserve consideration.
KCSM may close

Leading West Coast jazz radio station may go off the air next month unless it raises $800K.
The best American city for jazz

Chicago is Howard Mandel's kind of town.
Is jazz finally over Ken Burns?

Lubricity gauges the aftermath.
Ken Burns answers his critics

Documentary maker deals with the backlash.
A Love Supreme on video

You've heard it; now you can watch it.
The "talking dog" syndrome in jazz

Has jazz form become too mathematical?
Critique of a nameless saxophonist

Chris Kelsey wants soul, not technique.
Matthew Shipp on Piano Jazz

NPR revisits a memorable keyboard encounter.
$400 million in unassigned royalties?

More info comes to light on these hidden accounts.
Black jazz writers tell their stories

Willard Jenkins continues his series with a conversation with Monk scholar Robin D. G. Kelley.
10 reasons to be in Monterey

Pamela Espeland offers a list. (Look for her coverage of the Monterey Jazz Festival coming soon to
Talking with Gretchen Parlato

Andrew Gilbert chats with the vocalist.
Jazz and string quartets

Night Lights revisits some jazz-and-strings classics.
$2.3 million jazz club to open in Dayton

Is money coming back to the jazz economy?
How to handle the squares

Chris Kelsey offers some advice.
Do saxophones mature?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Ethnomusicology on Sanford & Son

Finally, network TV recalls Blind Mellow Jelly.
Lawyer's jazz video trove made available

When John Baker died in 1998, no obituary was published, but now Kansas City celebrates his collection.
Jazz for intellectuals

Prague journalist Darrell Jónsson talks to Ralph Towner about Oregon.
Oklahoma honors two jazz artists

Bob Wills and Wayman Tisdale are remembered by jazz fans in Oklahoma.
Erroll Garner's accidental hit

Will Friedwald tells how an amateur recording became a major label success.
The dangers of smooth jazz at work

This is a very funny video.
Mysterious unassigned music royalties

Learn about the "pending & unmatched" cash horde.
Oscar Peterson Park inaugurated

Uncanny that this happens the day after the Art Tatum memorial opens.
Jazz now: five albums

A Blog Supreme highlights 5 CDs that are serious but also offer "immediate gratification."
New sounds from Chicago's next wave

Howard Reich identifies some key artists.
Dave Brubeck at Jazz Alley

See Ed Leimbacher's account too.
You'd look great in Diana Krall's dress...or Oscar Peterson's tux

And the money goes for a good cause.
George Benson said he kept secret his admiration for the Beatles

“There was such a divide between rock music and jazz."
Don't let pirates review jazz!

Meet Loony & Lickspittle.
Nate Chinen chats with Norah Jones

Singer talks about her forthcoming CD.
The decline of MySpace

Popular music portal is losing ground.
Tips on improvisation

Forum shares one tenorist's thoughts.
Art Tatum memorial dedicated

The pianist is honored by his home town.
Jazz players who secretly like rock

Chris Kelsey offers a dramatic monologue.
Charles Mingus's son arrested in Mexico

He was cultivating Afghan, Jamaican, Hawaiian, Mexican, Colombian, and a hybrid kind of pot.
When Cecil Taylor stepped out

James Hale makes claims for the pianist's 1958 recording Looking Ahead!.
NEC's jazz program turns 40 years

Gunther Schuller's arrival changed the conservatory.
Talking with Ernie Watts

Longtime sideman relishes playing his own music.
How reliable is the jazz press?

Chris Albertson asks some tough questions.
Jimmy Cobb's favorite jazz albums

Kind of Blue drummer picks six.
Darcy James Argue on Jelly Roll Morton

See also this link cited by DJA.
Another jazz festival cancelled

There will be no North Texas Jazz Fest next year.
Can our culture learn from jazz?

Harvard class focuses on seven jazz lessons.
Judging the jazz judges

Peter Hum evaluates the jazz competitions.
Radiohead attacked for being jazzy

Also check out the response here.
Do eBay jazz album prices make sense?

The Jazz Collector is puzzled.
Frank Sinatra is now a wine

"The finish is lush and round with great richness."
World's largest music piracy ring busted

Six men indicted for stealing 25,000 tunes.
Bernie Madoff gets on a jazz website?

Find the hidden connection between Madoff and jazz.
Jazz covers the Beatles

Lara Pellegrinelli picks some recordings.
Natalie Cole comes back from kidney transplant

“I never thought I’d be standing here healthy, whole and 100% again.”
An informal conversation with composer Lalo Schifrin

He tells jokes, talks about Dizzy, and says what he does with his gold records.
Should the Kennedy Center honor Sonny Rollins?

The Jazz Collector is puzzled by the past and present jazz honorees.
What happened at the big Apple 09.09.09 music industry event?

Steve Jobs appears; Norah Jones plays; and they decide to save the LP, etc.
Brubeck named a Kennedy Center honoree

Others named to the prestigious honor include Bruce Springsteen, Robert DeNiro and Mel Brooks.
Lou Donaldson is talking serious trash

One example: "They say he's searching, but I know what he's searching for—a saxophone teacher."
A plan to save the music industry

Forrester Research offers a road map
Too many jazz education graduates?

Jazz studies resemble a grand pyramid scheme.
Brazilian music beyond Jobim

David Ryshpan offers some suggestions.
Have blogs replaced records stores?

Nick Hornby thinks so.
Lost Eric Dolphy compositions found

Charts left behind when Dolphy went to Germany in 1964 are found and performed.
Aspen Jazz Fest attendance down sharply

These are becoming all too common: fewer fans, a shorter program, and less jazz on the schedule.
Is the jazz world clueless about the web?

Topspin's Ian Rogers thinks so.
The latest music pirate is . . . Sony Music!

What goes around comes around.
Did 'Tweet for Jazz' campaign work?

12-day campaign produced 812 tweets.
Canadian Brass trumpeter killed in crash

Fred Mills killed in car accident in Atlanta.
Most important recorded drum solo?

Drummers offer their picks.
Mysterious Ellington printing plates

History Detectives looks at dumpster discovery.
Are "music genres" racial profiling?

Police form stirs up controversy.
Wayne Shorter in Detroit

Saxophonist "transcendent," Mark Stryker reports.
Austin McBride responds to his critics

"It's not what you play, it's how you count it."
Now the jazz teachers get attacked

Why don't more students achieve proficiency?
Jam session sets Guinness world record

850 musicians, 150 hours...but what was the tune?
The great Radiohead / Dave Brubeck mashup

This is both clever and bizarre.
Branford Marsalis on students today

Check out Ronan Guilfoyle's commentary too.
Where do old CD cases go?

I would never have guessed.
Tony Bennett honors Sinatra with school

The singer offers a tribute to his mentor with a new arts school in Astoria.
Do only jazz musicians like jazz?

Ongoing forum thread looks at the inward focus to the current scene.
Favorite unsung jazz trumpet heroes

Trumpeter forum offers some fine choices.
Bing Crosby's home put up for sale

Could be yours for a cool $10 million.
China "cleaning up" online music

All lyrics must be posted in Chinese translation, etc.
When Keith met Marian...

NPR revisits Mr. Jarrett's rare visit to Piano Jazz.
Should jazz critics be objective?

Chris Kelsey offers some subjective views on objectivity. Or are these objective views on subjectivity?
"The Best Recording Ever"

With that headline, you know you will be disappointed by Monk Rowe's choice. Or will you?
The 10 best cities for live music

Travel writers vote for their favorites.
How good are Lovano-Frisell-Motian?

Is it "one of the greatest improviser trios of all time"?
Tweet for Jazz campaign a big success

Howard Mandel offers an update. Share your own live jazz tweets.
Stevie Wonder sits in with Chick Corea

Other guest stars joined in. Mike Katz reports from the Hollywood Bowl.
Album sales plummet again

Billboard reports 18% drop in August.
Big bands are happenin' now!

Peter Hum spreads the good news.
A jazz movie. . . inspired by Moe Koffman?

Meanwhile, the Miles Davis bio-pic moves slowly.
Finally jazz on TV. . .

But only if you are a hospital patient!
Do jazz musicians learn by imitating?

Peter Hum writes on the anxiety of influence.
Detroit imitates a great day in Harlem

Jazz Fest gathers 57 jazz musicians for a photo shoot.
Duke Ellington contest in the works

Mercedes Ellington wants students to write a score for Duke's story.
Michelle Obama subject of jazz ode

Dee Alexander sings in the persona of the first lady in Nicole Mitchell's composition.
Terence Blanchard shines at Yoshi's

Forrest Dylan Bryant reports on the trumpeters appearance in Oakland.
Can Sony Walkman outsell the iPod?

It's now happening in Japan, ending 4 years of Apple dominance.
10 best romantic jazz tracks

AOL Music decides which jazz recordings are suitable for the bachelor pad.
Jazz musician seeks stolen trumpets

Trumpeter Matthew Jodrell makes the mistake of nodding off on the subway.
"Jazz is not high art"

Critic claims Miles Davis failed, Coltrane "went potty and started honking."
Battle of the Bird birthday bashes

Kansas City jazz institutions compete in their zeal to celebrate the legacy of Charlie Parker.
Great under-the-radar live jazz albums

Hot House picks some titles you might have missed.
Eddie Higgins (1932-2009)

The pianist succumbs to lung cancer.
Jazz violinists to check out

Brilliant Corners continues to play the talent scout.
No confidence in Warner Music?

Share price falls below $5.
Hard questions about jazz

But Peter Hum has answers . . . on defining success, responsibility and jazz's cultural relevance.
Talking with Howard Rumsey

91-year-old bassist / promoter is the last surviving member of the famous 1941 Kenton Balboa band.
U.S. Congress drops smooth jazz

Maybe they should debate it at a town hall meeting.
The other Frank Sinatra

"There's very little demand for my recordings."

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