Breaking jazz news & opinion: july 2009

Student fined $675K for 30 downloads

That's $22,500 per song.
Favorite band movies

Saxophonists offer their picks.
Talking with Jane Monheit

Vocalist balances music and family demands.
31 composers receive grants

Recipients include Meredith Monk & Joel Harrison.
Keith Jarrett in London

John Fordham reports on the concert.
Growing the jazz audience

Pamela Espeland offers some suggestions.
Chimps don't dig dissonant music

Is there a biological preference for consonance?
Jamey Aebersold's favorite rhythm section

Surprise! It's not a play-along record.
Too many tribute bands!

Kansas City critic sees a worrying trend.
Remembering a trumpet legend

"Freddie Hubbard OWNED the trumpet."
5 of the best jazz CDs of the last 5 years

Beliefnet shares some favorite disks.
Rules for the tip jar

Pianist explains proper tipping.
Why are music magazines dying?

Slate identifies three reasons.
Backlash against grants for jazz

Howard Mandel enters the debate.
George Russell dead at age 86

Russell was a major composer and theoretician of modern jazz.
Jazz mission to Afghanistan

Musician describes jazz goodwill visit to Kabul for US State Department.
NEA Jazz Masters go on the road

More than 25 jazz legends will participate.
Talking with Med Flory

JazzWax interviews a super-saxophonist.
Wynton's new home away from home

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra will spending lots of time in London.
How to improve "'Round Midnight"

Hans Groiner, the Bruno of jazz, rises to the challenge with "Five Past Twelve."
Alternatives to Diana Krall

Brilliant Corners makes some suggestions.
Will Apple bring back LP-type format?

Steve Jobs plots a new way of selling music.
More awesome tapes from Africa

Check out some classic Ghanaian music.
Talking with Youssou N'Dour

News broadcast features the Senegalese artist.
Are fans switching to legal downloading?

The Times looks at some encouraging trends.
Herbie Hancock & Lang Lang

Musical odd couple tries to break down barriers.
Is the trombone dead?

Bone fans fear the worst.
Latina jazz

NPR looks at 5 Spanish-speaking vocalists.
How about use-it-or-lose-it copyright?

Brilliant Corners looks at label pains.
A perfect way to teach music

Can perfect pitch be learned?
Tony Bennett makes a surprise visit

The iconic vocalist sits in with Bill Charlap at the Y.
"Help me! My piano solos suck!!!"

Forum participants offer some suggestions.
How Stan Getz met Huey Lewis

It resulted in this recording.
Ranking the music web sites

MySpace Music is on a tear.
Jazz players nab chamber music grants

Grants go to ensembles led by Rudresh Mahanthappa, Jason Kao Hwang and others.
Celebrating Pee Wee Russell

His last wish: "Tell the newspapers not to write any sad stories about me."
Musician finds YouTube pulls his video

Artists lose out in crossfire over rights.
Remembering Oscar Peterson's songbooks

Why is this music only available in Canada?
Ethan Iverson & Charlie Haden in performance at the Blue Note

The Gig reports on the action.
10 web sites to help you navigate through the new world of music

CNN looks at the usual suspects.
1,000 jazz CDs to hear before you die

Groove Notes shares the first 20 titles.
Open letter on Latin jazz

Chip Boaz sends a message to Jazz Times
Christian McBride tops jazz chart

Kurt Elling falls to second place.
The courage to really play

"How many of us are playing music to uplift others?"
20 tips for jazz musicians

Here are a few things to remember at the gig.
Mystery trumpet helps jazz student

Horn was left on music store doorstep.
Petition for jazz pensions

Signatures now approach 1,000.
Debating subsidies for jazz

Peter Hum looks at pros and cons.
Is there a female approach to jazz piano?

JazzWax talks to Chantale Gagne.
Jimmie Lunceford honored on Beale St.

Bandleader joins the Walk of Fame.
The Buster Keaton Cobb Salad?

Jazz Lives shares a funny list of search engine terms that brought people to its web site.
Talking with Philip Glass

“Here’s an interesting experiment. Play a film, any film, and then change the music. . . '"
MySpace CEO promises improvements

“Our users don’t know if we’re a social portal, a music site, or an entertainment hub.”
Quincy Jones's tips for success

"One thing that turns me on is if somebody says, ‘You’ll never get that done.'"
United shamed into jazz donation to the Thelonious Monk Institute

See the video that started it all here.
"I owe my appreciation of jazz to Donna Summer"

Jazz listener shares his history as a fan.
When Louis Armstrong crossed over

Was it 80 years ago today?
Pandora adding 50,000 members daily

Internet music provider just raised $35 million.
Arturo O'Farrill commissioned to write song for Sonia Sotomayor

Local art srganizations and private donors are funding the project.
1979 patent offers an uncanny anticipation of Apple's iPod.

"The guy predicted details down to DRM and flash memory's dominance."
Musicians and their fear of injury

It's worse than stage fright . . . with almost two-thirds of musicians suffering, often in secret.
Check out this Bobby McFerrin video

The singer is captured in a free-form performance alongside Richard Bona.
Is everyone making music a good thing?

Hyperbot looks at the Youth Music Box.
Institute preserves Brubeck's legacy

But the focus is also on jazz's future.
Can jazz fans learn from KISS?

Peter Hum is looking for jazz in all the wrong places.
Old people who play sax

Forum looks at oldsters who maintain an active sax life.
The happier Holiday

Fifty years after Billie Holiday's death, Alison Kerr looks at the life-affirming side of the singer.
Dissing Wein's jazz festival

"Corporate jazz is a zombie state...Maybe Gramps can get Goldman Sachs to make a bonus party of it."
Debating the pros and cons of liner notes for jazz CDs

Peter Hum offers his views.
Are jazz magazine circulation numbers believable?

Howard Mandel grapples with the numbers.
Survey shows preference for CDs

UK consumers—even the youngest—prefer physical CD to download.
What was Jazz Times thinking?

Brilliant Corners is skeptical about the magazine's planned return to print.
New head appointed for North Texas jazz

John Murphy steps in as chairman.
The story behind a classic jazz photo

Check out Herb Snitzer's gallery here.
Billie Holiday statue back in Baltimore

Lady Day returning to Lafayette & Pennsylvania.
Ten weird ways to distribute music

Forget iTunes; dig the FM3 Buddha Machine instead.
When did jazz musicians stop talking?

Peter Hum speaks up on taciturn performers.
Major label CEO: "We lost touch"

Head of EMI fesses up.
Latin jazz and young listeners

The discussion continues on the aging of the audience.
Appreciations from Matthew Shipp

"My basic concept of the piano is as a cosmos."
Should New Orleans promote jazz more?

Business journalist looks at branding possibilities.
Top 10 jazz artists who died young

Bird and Bix top the list.
The quick guide to jazz nicknames

Get your sobriquets straight.
Kurt Elling tops airplay chart again

The late David 'Fathead' Newman in second place.
Beware the Jazz Trance

Mind the Gap shows us the symptoms.
Ornette Coleman at Bluesfest

Doug Fischer reports on the proceedings.
Jazz Times finds a buyer

Madavor Media takes ownership.
Talking with Jon Hendricks

Marc Myers interviews the vocalese master.
Is Latin jazz on its deathbed?

Chip Boaz has some smart suggestions.
Becker and Fagen: was it really 50/50?

Thread probes the creative process behind Steely Dan.
Every day they want the blues

"There are some people who would kill their own mother for the only copy of a Son House record.”
Jazz fans are living in the past

"Be sure to look over your shoulder, the past may be gaining on you."
African music coming back in US & Europe

Cary Darling sees a resurgence.
Berklee targeting African students

College president and spouse donate $500K.
CD Baby raises download rates

CD Baby is the world's leading seller of self-produced jazz recordings.
How to make it in the music business

"If you are waiting around for the phone to ring or that A & R guy to show up at your gig—good luck."
Gadgets that replace The Real Book

Throw away that fake book.
My sax will be a work of art

Just stand on a plinth in Trafalgar Square and blow.
Latin Alternative Music Conference held

As major labels cut back, indie and self-produced artists now dominate Latin music scene.
Latin jazz at Hollywood Bowl

Michael Katz reports on Sergio Mendes, Eddie Palmieri and Poncho Sanchez.
Story behind a stunning photo

JazzWax looks at the history of a famous image.
Conversation with Enrico Rava

The trumpeter talks about favorite songs and settings.
ASCAP going after music bloggers

Get ready to pay for embedded videos..
Talking with Darcy James Argue

Devin Leonard interviews the bandleader.
Do we need a jazz version of Guitar Hero?

Nate Chinen offers a clever suggestion for expanding the jazz audience..
Where there's Smoke there's . . . water

“The sprinkler system destroyed our club,” says owner of prominent NY jazz venue.
Scary figures on jazz CD sales

RIAA stats show a precipitous drop..
More bad news on CD sales

Fewer than 6% of CDs sell more than 1,000 copies.
The best CDs so far this year

Organissimo forum participants offer their picks..
Looking at jazz from across the pond

A Blog Supreme talks with Dr. Wolfram Knauer.
Audi designs cool piano for jazz

Orders can be placed starting on July 16..
Montreal Fest finds new sponsor

Event finds financial support from TD Bank.
Do jazz record labels matter?

A Blog Supreme surveys the scene..
The Ornette Coleman of the 1930s

Frank Oteri recalls Frank Teschemacher.
In defense of jazz education

Ronan Guilfoyle stands up for a often criticized segment of the jazz community..
Jazz flower power

Night Lights looks back at the Charles Lloyd Quartet from the late 1960s.
Sponsor found for NY jazz festival

George Wein shares some good news..
Deal may save Internet radio

Agreement caps a two-year battle.
Kurt Elling tops the jazz airplay chart

Singers new CD jumps 37 places in one week..
Susana Raya in a moving homemade video

Some label should sign this artist.
Why we need bad reviews

Jason Gross chimes in at Pop Matters..
Your brain has its own soundtrack

Who needs a horn; take a solo with an MRI.
Diana Krall gets her movie minute

Jazz diva shows up in Public Enemies..
Jazz origins of the Moonwalk

Before Jacko there was Cab Calloway.
Study shows Jamie Cullum is the most upbeat celebrity

"Scientific"(?) results determined by studying Twitter..
Down with the "fetishization of precision" in big bands!

The big band debate continues.
Why I love big band music

Villes Ville responds to Matt Rubin.
Sony wants a piece of indie music

Major label hopes to control the long tail.
Tony Bennett & Lee Konitz

Five secrets to their success.
Free jazz and the motherland

Brilliant Corners makes some connections.
Interview with Gunther Schuller

Frank Oteri talks to the composer-conductor-writer-etc.
The best big band charts . . .

. . . as picked by experts fifty years ago.
Why I hate big band music

Matt Rubin offers some suggestions on how to bring the dinosaur back to life.
How Twitter is killing music journalism

Rolling Stone writer Christopher R. Weingarten is crude, witty and provocative.
The Weather Channel drops jazz

Rock replaces smooth jazz; company exec says that it was just "elevator music."
Bill Evans's time: the debate continues

Pianists share views on Mr. Evans's sense of time at the Piano World online forum.
Michael Jackson hoped to record instrumental jazz

Billboard reveals a different side of Jacko.
New York Times features Sheila Jordan . . . but not her singing

The paper of record is interested in her house.
Montreux Jazz Festival will close this year with . . . Prince

Non-jazz artists continue to dominate jazz festivals.
Stevie Wonder excites Montreal fans with Michael Jackson tribute

Non-jazz artists continue to dominate jazz festivals.
When Coltrane battled...Alan Greenspan?

"Trane smoked his ass . . .Greenie foolishly tore into 'Cherokee'. . ."
Unlocking the secret of perfect pitch

All people might be born with absolute pitch, but they lose it with age.
Bill Evans: Early or Late?

Marc Myers picks his 10 favorite Bill Evans albums.
81 years of "West End Blues"

Ricky Riccardi looks at a Jazz Age masterpiece.
Dave Douglas on solo trumpet

"The demands are akin to an event like the Iron Man."
Esperanza Spalding in Concert

The bassists shines at Confederation Park.
Enrico Rava & Stefano Bollani in Ottowa

Doug Fischer reports on a "sublime and heart-breaking" performance.
Buck Hill still blowing at 82

The Wailin' Mailman claims it all started going sour with the Beatles.
Your first 5 jazz albums

What artists do future jazz fans hear first?
Autographing with the jazz stars

Jason Palmer recalls a fan's request.

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