Breaking jazz news & opinion: august 2009

Twenty-somethings on a jazz mission

They want to build the jazz audience with money borrowed from mom. Read their state of the union address.
Crate digging with John Murph

You think you find music on the internet? Bah, the real pros go to the crates!
Singer Chris Connor dead at age 81

The jazz vocalist succumbs to cancer.
Harvey Pekar's top 10 jazz innovators

Comic book artiste has been a jazz critic for 50 years.
"How Coltrane (almost) ruined my life"

Chris Kelsey lived to tell the tale.
Why Twitter will "turn into Detroit"

Cody Brown judges the networking sites.
Jazz ambassadors: an Islamic take

Islam Online reflects on jazz (no, not a response to Terry Teachout).
Back when jazz didn't need saving...

If you don't think the jazz audience is smaller today, check out this video from 1938.
If you own just one Louis Armstrong CD

Which one should it be?
Kenny G holds a raffle at his gig

What's next, a bake sale?
What is a jazzer?

Lubricity wants to eliminate a word.
Why NOT to hate big band jazz

Peter Hum has his reasons.
Jazz movie posters from the 1930s

Also check out the online gallery.
Can a beer really be jazzy?

This Harlem entrepreneur is convinced of it.
KC jazz legend archives come to library

Materials from Jay McShann, Charlie Parker's first major employer, sent to University of Missouri.
Jazz club homicide witness is killed

The sole witness, the brother of the victim, shot up to a dozen times.
Doctors keep jazz musicians alive

MSNBC reports on the New Orleans' Musicians Clinic.
Al Jarreau embraces hip-hop

Crossover artist wants to crossover some more.
More jazz albums to hear before you die

Groove Notes continues its massive list.
Tired of JAZZ? Try some AZZ!

Blame this post on a squirrel.
Charlie Parker: the Rimbaud of jazz

Bird's home town paper pays tribute.
Bird's first LP sells for $2,250

And what did he get paid for the session?
Bird and Diz in a rare film clip

They play "Hot House" and get awards.
"Did Bird sell his soul to the devil?"

The crazy web thread that will not die.
The Charlie Parker residence

Come visit 151 Avenue B.
Charlie Parker for kids

PS site offers an intro for youngsters.
The case for smooth jazz

Publisher of Wine and Jazz magazine (is this a real magazine or a put-on?) says "it's so relaxing, life is so hectic..." etc.
The music industry is in great shape...

But only when you include sales of iPods and concert revenues in the figures. Welcome to the Apple-ification of the music business.
Ethan Iverson on Lester Young

Do the Math offers a smart, in-depth tribute.
Everybody needs to tweet for jazz

Howard Mandel spearheads a grassroots movement.
Should classical musicians improvise?

Alex Ross and The New Yorker discover the excitement of improvisation.
That great year for music. . . 1922

Kid Ory, Paul Hindemith, George Antheil. . . it was a happenin' scene.
Robot can teach you the piano

But it will cost you a cool $9,995.
Miles Davis and the trumpet

How well did he really play the horn?
Joe Maneri dead at age 82

Maneri was a saxophonist, clarinetist and teacher.
Jackie Ryan and Bill Frisell top the chart

Christian McBride takes the third slot.
Where have the music geniuses gone?

The Music Think Tank has an answer.
The half-wit jazz reviewer

Peter Hum scorches a London jazz critic.
Fine ladies who play the horns

Brilliant Corners continues its series of deserving talent.
Fund your CD a few dollars at a time

The NY Times writes about micro-patronage.
A 71-disk Miles Davis reissue?

Even the accompanying booklet is 250 pages in this supersized project.
Music publishers sue web sites

Publishers charging web sites that feature song lyrics with copyright infringement.
Another jazz festival bites the dust

Sedona brings down the curtain after 28 years.
The truth about careers in jazz

Bill Anschell has written a very funny piece.
Jazz funding versus symphony funding

Brilliant Corners points out the disparity.
Jazz remakes that actually work

Night Lights finds some winners.
Jamie Cullum plans a blowout wedding

22 acre mansion, Bentleys, supermodel wife...oh, yawn!
How jazz stars approach aging & death

Blogger looks at some noteworthy examples.
"Music Did a Number on Me"

Writer explains why musical training for children is not always an enriching experience.
Diana Krall at Hollywood Bowl

Don Heckman reports on the singer's "Reader's Digest selection of hits" and throaty growl.
Jazz fans are "imaginative, peace-loving liberals"

The scientists have it all figured out.
The great Chet Baker singing debate continues 20 years after his death

Was he bland? Was he brilliant? Was he both?
How Quentin Tarantino picks movie music

Lalo Schifrin is "the action guy."
Yahoo wins legal battle with Sony

Streaming radio exempted from copyright fees.
12 best women electric guitarists ever

The folks at Elle must not listen to jazz. Where are Emily Remler, Mary Osborne, Mary Halvorson, etc.
Jazz and skateboards

Here's the perfect gift for the person who has everything: a Miles Davis Quintet skateboard.
$15,000 for Louis Armstrong letter!

Michael Steinman says it's worth every penny.
Willie Nelson in jazz country

He's relying on jazz artists for his new CD.
Inside a Japanese jazz cafe

Where else can you find whiskey, ice cream, Shelly Manne and 1000s of LPs on the walls?
Norah Jones has new look, new sound

She's playing electric guitar and got a new 'do—even better, she's brought back songwriter Jesse Harris.
What's next for YouTube?

It may include more interactivity, news coverage and ShareTube.
The development of jazz in South Africa

At The Independent Ear, Hotep Idris Galeta traces it back to 1918.
Jazz musicians needed for unending song

But what song will the leader call?
Nokia wants to own your ears

"The cell phone is really just an empty shell..."
It all about audience development

The Independent Ear adds to the debate on the current state of jazz.
Cleo Laine still going strong

The vocalist travels to San Jose with her husband of 50 years, John Dankworth.
The worst Kind of Blue moments

This album is used. . . and abused.
Graph captures music industry woes

Unit sales peaked at the end of the last century.
Audience sparse at jazz fest

2,000+ expected, but only 250 show up.
Jazz: America's Secret Sonic Weapon (1955)

15,000 Frenchmen fight to hear Sidney Bechet.
Those $1,000 jazz albums

And you gave your copies to the Salvation Army.
Who listens to music on a cell phone?

Apparently not many people, survey shows.
"This is what I call a guitar solo!"

Fan shares a favorite six-string moment.
This is NOT what I call a guitar solo

I'd stick with the Pat Martino video on the left.
Béla Fleck & Toumani Diabate

The Checkout checks them out.
NY Times responds to "Jazz doomsayers" is cited as a source for doomsayers.
4 needed resources in Latin jazz education

Chip Boaz offers his diagnosis for improving the Latin jazz IQ of the younger generation.
Sony tests $10 music service in Australia

Will this go global? Will it include (free advice from all those out-of-print Sony jazz albums?
Hot jazz women in film and TV

New book traces their history.
Raga against the machine

Rudresh Mahanthappa talks with John Adamian.
One in four songs bought at iTunes

Wal-Mart is now far behind Apple in music retailing.
Talking with Terence Blanchard

The Checkout meets up with the trumpeter.
More spoofed jazz album covers

Brian McCoy shares some homages and parodies.
Singers to check out

Brilliant Corners continues its series.
Lawrence Lucie dead at 101

See our coverage of his 100th birthday here.
Jackie Ryan tops jazz airplay chart

But two deceased artists in the top ten?
A new name for jazz

Bebopified considers the consequences.
UFO checks out jazz festival

No, this CNN story is not a joke.
Interview with Bill Evans' lover?

JazzWax publishes the first installment of a 5-part interview with Laurie Verchomin.
Top digital downloads by decade

Many jazz stars figure on the chart for top downloaded songs from the 1940s and 1950s.
Jim Dickinson dead at age 67

Dickinson was a key figure in Memphis music.
Nazi dance band rules (1940)

These come from author Joseph Škvorecký.
The 5 most surprising jazz albums

Something Else offers its picks.
Why ladies don't dig jazz

JazzWax mulls over the issue.
State closes jazz club; seizes assets

The Firefly has ten days to pay $120,000.
The best jazz club in UK history

And it's not Ronnie Scott's?
$185,000 for a Les Paul guitar?

That's the price when Michael Jackson has signed it.
Jazz guitar recommendations

These can be had for the price of a CD.
Apple's is planning a mysterious music-related event next month

Something big is in the works.
Twenty Things You Need to Know About Music Online

Andrew Dubber offers a free e-book.
Classic jazz covers spoofed

Brian McCoy shares some of the best examples.
Hidden gems in the jazz archives

Rutgers finds surprises in the boxes.
Jazz artist on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Dave Koz still can't believe it. . . . Neither can I.
Text messaging at the concert

Is it really such a no-no?
Les Paul dead at age 94

Paul was a major guitarist and inventor.
Rashied Ali dead at age 74

Former Coltrane drummer was a pioneer of free jazz.
8 Cal Tjader CDs for your collection

Chip Boaz share his list of favorites
Library of Congress snubs jazz?

Howard Mandel raises some questions.
Who was funkier: Miles or the Godfather?

Jazz does need to be saved . . . Miles trails in the poll.
10-year-old jazz drummer wins competition

He beats out 51 other contestants.
10 milestones in modern music marketing

Hyperbot looks at some key events.
Crate diving with Ethan Iverson

Willard Jenkins shares the specifics.
Talking with pianist Ramsey Lewis

"I have over 10,000 songs on my iPod by hundreds or thousands of artists."
Lil Armstrong on King Oliver

This comes from the new blog by Chris Albertson, music critic and biographer of Bessie Smith.
Who bought Charles Mingus's old loft?

Was it a Sesame Street fan?
Dave Brubeck & Tony Bennett reunited

Clint Eastwood helped make it happen.
Mark Murphy to be honored

Singers mentored by Murphy will gather in Oakland.
Jackie Ryan tops the jazz airplay chart

Christian McBride is in the second slot.
The Jazz Problem (1924)

It's always been with us.
Trumpeters to check out

Brilliant Corners blow their horns.
Art museum showcases . . . Sun Ra

Philly enjoys Pathways to Unknown Worlds.
The Godfather of Cool

Night Lights looks back at Claude Thornhill.
10 starter tracks for jazz novices

Brian McCoy offers a list for newbies.
Ten more suggested tracks here

These come from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Hugh Masekela faces charges

Jazz trumpeter is in court over unpaid loan.
How young people consumer music

UK study offers some insights.
Deadly brawl at jazz club

Two stabbed, two others injured at Arturo's.
Cool batch of Newport Jazz 09 videos

NPR offers first rate coverage of the event.
Jazz police, I hear you

“Miles Davis makes me itchy.”
Best Latin jazz CDs so far this year

Chip Boaz offers his picks.
Courtney Pine gets lifetime award

See also this fine interview.
Where are the young jazz fans?

A Blog Supreme responds tp this article.
New Orleans residents protest jazz statues

Will Buddy Bolden and Jelly Roll Morton ever get their statues in Louis Armstrong Park?
Jazz albums that are sleepers

Fans recommend great CDs that rarely make it on to "best jazz album" lists.
Advertising in CD booklets?

Mariah Carey shows the way.
Bring Jazz back to the public square

Grab a horn and find a gazebo.
Duke Ellington sleeps in his bathtub

Blogger shares weird article from 1930.
Lou Donaldson at 82

The New York Times features the altoist.
Can jazz be saved?

Terry Teachout writes in The Wall Street Journal.
British visionary jazz

The Wire offers a playlist.
15-year-old girl in demand at jazz events

Remember when artists paid dues?
ARTISTdirect delists from NASDAQ

The company went public in 2000.
The Village Vanguard books . . . Barbara Streisand?

Yes, she played there before—in 1961.
LA Times disses the music of Gil Evans & Miles Davis

Classical music critic thinks these works are dated.
Warner Music posts mounting losses

Profits fall by 51%, and even digital sales are flat.
Jazz radio fans mount protest

Town hall meeting held by angry listeners.
San Francisco invests in jazz and sushi

The city has invested more than $15 million in creating a jazz hub in the Fillmore district.
The 100 best online music archives

This list of resources was created for students, but fans will find it useful too.
Duke Ellington's family files lawsuit

Cognac company may need to pay for infringement.
Chris Potter poisoned by rock?

London critic thinks so.
Blue Note buys $15 million townhouse?

The jazz must be a tax write-off.
In defense of smooth jazz

Writer's advocacy causes uproar.
From sea captain to jazz elder statesman

Teddy Charles returns to jazz.
Artist branding on the web

Gerd Leonhard offers tips for musicians.
Herbie Hancock plans his new LA Phil role

He looks to mix media and global styles.
Jazz and science fiction

Pamela Espeland offers a "geek post."
Is Kind of Blue overrated?

A critic grumbles about the hype.
Bobby McFerrin teaches the scientists

Check out his "lesson" on the pentatonic scale.
Record industry profits won't recover

"There’s just nothing to be done" to fix a broken business model, industry veteran claims.
Another Sharp Nine CD tops the charts

This small label consistently beats out bigger players on airplay chart.
Try to make sense of jazz CD prices

Mike Fabio says the situation is "absolutely bizarre."
Visiting Louis Armstrong's house

Kermit Ruffins makes the pilgrimage.
Jazz history made at Buckingham Palace?

Plaque commemorates an important moment in the globalization of jazz.
Jazz and creativity

JazzWax talks to Dr. Denny Zeitlin about the inner life of jazz music.
Which cities have the best music scene?

Economist tries to rank them.
Pat Metheny's brave new project

Artist promises a "leap into new territory."
Jazz report from New Orleans

The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong reports on a visit to the Crescent City.
The trombone is not dead

Don't believe what you may have read here. Brilliant Corners profiles some players.
1000 jazz CDs to hear before you die

Groove Notes continues the list.
Jazz and animals

Blogger shares amusing story from 1921.
25 best jazz CDs so far this year

Blogger looks for worthy candidates.
Steely Dan and jazz

USA Today looks at the connection.

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