Bryan Beninghove: Adam's Apple

Count me in as one of those who likes to hear a dirty B-3. Anything that changes the purity of that instrument's sound is a plus in my book. On Wayne Shorter's "Adam's Apple," organist Kyle Koehler employs distortion to great effect. His sound, not style, harkens back to Larry Young circa 1970. Style-wise the trio, under the leadership of saxophonist Beninghove, rocks out the number la Medeski Martin and Wood. The trio is more into the blues than MMW and has a broader melodic component because of its two lead instruments. But the vibe is the same. This is music that should resonate with the same audience. Beninghove is John Klemmer on steroids. He is a powerful and expressive player. Drummer Williams played with the great Jimmy Smith. He knows how to play behind and push an organ trio. This is high-octane music that will lift you out of any malaise. It sure got a raucous cheer from the crowd it was performed for.

July 22, 2008 · 0 comments


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