Erroll Garner: April in Paris

        Erroll Garner and Art Tatum at Birdland, 1952
                        Photo by Marcel Fleiss

This recording is a view into the unorthodox and dramatic piano style of one of the greatest imaginations in jazz. From the rumbling orchestration of the preface to the melody, we know the sophisticated Garner is poised to deliver his trademark romance. The melody rolls like pearls from the stage where the diminutive man is perched on top of a phonebook. A natural musician who never learned to read a note, Garner developed a synthesis between understated cocktail phrasing and the rich harmonic flourishes of Art Tatum.

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Count Basie: April in Paris

It’s almost May in Paris by the time the song concludes. Basie leads his band through two fake endings until finally bringing the song to its boisterous conclusion. Organist “Wild Bill” Davis contributed the arrangement, but never made it to the recording session. But the organ is not missed and the band swings with authority. Basie hit the pop charts with this now-famous performance, and kept the song in his repertoire for the rest of his career.

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