Michel Godard: C'Era una Strega, C'era una Fata

Among the new musicians to appear on the European jazz scene during the last 20 years, some have a classical background and an interest in ancient forms of music that goes beyond the Romantics and Impressionists that most jazz musicians nowadays know. Michel Godard is one of them, as is Gianluigi Trovesi, with whom he often plays. They both can seek melodies as far back as the Middle Ages, hence the ominous title of this "folia" (a traditional dance): "there was a witch, there was a fairy," recorded in a medieval castle. Starting from the simple melody stated by the accordion, then the clarinet, the three voices intertwine while progressively introducing a slow dance feel and improvisation. Not strictly jazz, some will say, but there are worse ways to explore one's roots than the method these three Europeans have chosen.

February 19, 2008 · 0 comments


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