Lucia Pulido: Yo No Tengo Quien Me Quiera

For those playing along in English, "I've No One To Love Me" finds Colombian singer Lucia Pulido in a lovely duet with bassist Stomu Takeishi. With his extremely woody bass, so full of texture and ringing harmonics, Takeishi is the absolute perfect foil for Pulido's strikingly rich and beautiful voice. The melding of these two instruments, together with a gorgeous and wide-ranging melody, winds up telling the intended story, even though not a word was understood.

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Lucía Pulido: Dejala Llorar

"Dejala Llorar," which means "Let Her Cry," was never conceived as a jazz song; it's a traditional festive aria indigenous to the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Pulido's voice is powerful but exceptionally controlled, as she successfully navigates the Spanish lyrics through an uneven time signature, with her voice soaring above the complex rhythms.

As the arranger, Cruz deserves much credit for fusing improvised New York jazz in such a way that illuminates, not dilutes the culturally rich tune. The theme, stated by Koller and Cruz, is asymmetrical but logical in a way similar to Ornette Coleman's harmolodics. Koller's solo clarinet is given much room to create, first by providing counterpoint to Pulido's vocals, then by a free-form solo that's firmly avant-garde. Poor is nearly soloing right along with him, but never takes his hand off the rhythmic tiller.

There's much to appreciate from the lively, romantic historical music of South America and the malleability of American avant-garde jazz. "Dejala Llorar" lets us appreciate both at once.

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