Dave Liebman: India

Every modern jazz saxophonist owes something to John Coltrane whether he or she sounds like Trane or not. Liebman can really sound like him, though, especially when interpreting Trane's music. Liebman doesn't purposefully mimic lines or solos. It is more about the musical thought process. On "India," he plays the way he thinks Coltrane might have approached the tune had Trane still been around in 1987. Imagine John Coltrane surrounded by electric basses and synthesizers. If you are able to do that, you'll dig Liebman's take on "India."

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Boston T Party: Last Trane

Four of the most accomplished jazz and progressive players on the planet got together for this rebellion. Fittingly, Boston T Party was recorded in Massachusetts, epicenter of the colonies' fight for independence and to this day the greatest and most patriotic of all the 50 states. Most of the music is based upon key- boardist T Lavitz's compositions, but the other three add some of their own music as well.

F-i-u-c-z-y-n-s-k-i's "Last Trane" is, of course, an homage to John Coltrane. Nobody sounds quite like F-i-u-c-z-y-n-s-k-i on guitar. The fact that he plays several uniquely built and sounding guitars makes this even more so. But on this cut he plays a normal fretted neck and uses a whammy bar to slur the notes. The tune is a slow power ballad. The melody, played over a dramatically less speedy and reworked "Giant Steps" chord progression, has an eerie "Naima"-like vibe. Lavitz takes a solo turn on organ. The band drops a few final depth charges to the bottom of Boston Harbor to finish off their anti-tax protest.

If you exchange F-i-u-c-z-y-n-s-k-i's guitar for a saxophone and make him John Coltrane, one can easily envision these guys hanging out at Trane's house jamming away. Chambers would be Elvin Jones. Jeff Berlin would be Reggie Workman. T would be Larry Young. Or we could go another apt metaphorical route. T Lavitz could be Sam Adams, etc.

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