Stacey Kent: Comes Love

Born in New York, but based in London, Stacey Kent has spent much of her career singing with traditional and swing bands. She is beloved in those circles for her light voice, supple swing and attention to the melody. With her Blue Note CD, Breakfast On The Morning Tram, Kent has veered away from that base and into more challenging material. While it’s doubtful that she will ever completely leave the trad/swing audience behind, “Comes Love” was an early example of Kent’s willingness to take chances on a standard song. From her first entrance, Kent takes a joyous, sassy approach to the song. She starts changing the melody from the outset, as if to say she’ll get to the melody somewhere along the line, but not right now—she’s having too much fun. Kent’s husband, Jim Tomlinson takes the tenor solo in his best Getz-influenced style and even he leans toward Getz’s open-blowing jam session style rather than his cool school style. When Kent comes back for the last half-chorus, she turns on the heat with a pronounced rhythmic feel that works effectively against the straight-ahead swing style of the rhythm section.

April 02, 2009 · 0 comments


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