Emily Remler: Daahoud

Clifford Brown, said Emily Remler, "was one of my favorite musicians. He was so lyrical." Here she covers Brownie's "Daahoud," a variant of the Arabic name for David (“Beloved”). "I really identify with the trumpet," Emily continued, citing its melodic clarity. "A guitarist can sound like a trumpet player. I try to sometimes." Regrettably, she identified with Brownie's instrument but not his freedom from drugs. Born two years after Charlie Parker's fabulous flameout at 34, dead herself at 32 from a heart attack, Remler was among jazz's second-generation heroin casualties. She was also among jazz's first-tier guitarists. We remember Remler.

Attention Sharp-eyed Shoppers! Amazon.com's MP3 Download department hilariously lists this track as "Daahound"—you know, the canine counterpart of "Daa-Bears"—but it's the same track.

October 30, 2007 · 0 comments


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