Hank Mobley: This I Dig of You

Art Blakey is one of the most original yet traditionally rooted modern jazz drummers. He (along with Max Roach) was one of the first true bop drummers who blurred barlines and set the interactive standard for the bebop drummer. Blakey was also known for his solid, unwavering, traditional hi-hat foot (on beats two and four) while later drummers were more likely to free themselves from any strict timekeeping patterns. This solo is one of his finest, and perhaps best encapsulates Blakey’s solo style.

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Clifford Brown & Max Roach: Cherokee

The clarity of ideas and ease of execution of Max Roach’s playing warrant his reputation as one of jazz’s most influential drummers. Taking Jo Jones’ and Kenny Clarke’s landmark transitions a step forward, Max blurred barlines, interacted with soloists, and added deceptively complex ideas and polyrhythms to the bebop drummer’s vocabulary -- and all with impeccable cleanliness. After years of landmark recordings and performances with Bird and Diz, Max’s two-year partnership with Clifford Brown marked one of the essential collaborations in jazz. Max’s drum solo on “Cherokee” brilliantly represents the idea of a melodically constructed drum solo with a beginning, middle and end.

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