Oscar Pettiford & Max Roach (from Freedom Suite): There Will Never Be Another You

Sonny Rollins showed up late for the Freedom Suite session, and the result is this curio: a duet between bassist Oscar Pettiford and drummer Max Roach on "There Will Never Be Another You." The project was already following a less-is-more philosophy by roughing it without chords, but this track is about as sparse as 1950s jazz ever gets. Yet what a joy to hear these two masters in such a relaxed and creative mood! Pettiford and Roach probably assumed that this performance would never get released, and this no doubt accounts for the loose and uninhibited atmosphere of the proceedings. Of course, this song didn't show up on the original LP. Ah, the unquenchable demand for "bonus tracks" for CD reissues now reunites this track with the rest of Freedom Suite. Pettiford, who passed away in 1960, did not survive into the era of "anything goes" mega-solos; so this is one of the best places on record to hear him stretching out at length.

July 02, 2008 · 0 comments


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