Motu & the RoadHouse Jesters: Here Comes Those Blues Again

Who is Motu? is he an ex pat from the island of Moti? Is he an unfortunate Mugu? Is he related to Mongo (of Candygram fame)? Ah, none of these. Motu is the nom de axe of Dr. Richard Michelson, a formidable blues guitarist and very raw singer. Motu is joined here by his accompanists in musical malfeasance, the RoadHouse Jesters, and they deliver a hot and bothered 12-minute performance on "Here Come Those Blues Again." The track starts with some free-floating atmospherics, a guitar lightning storm crackling on the horizon; but soon settles into a very danceable "Spirit in the Sky" groove. How nice to hear vocal harmonies on a blues track (albeit one that, despite the song's name, never really settles into the familiar blues pattern). But this band ain't the Four Freshmen, and those who want spit and polish in their music need to check out another CD. If you subjected Dr. Michelson's vocal cords to otolaryngological analysis they would rate a FEPA grit designation no higher than 50. In layman's terms, we are talking some serious blues.

December 19, 2008 · 1 comment


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