Wes Montgomery with Wynton Kelly: Four on Six

With its catchy bass intro by the unmistakable Paul Chambers, comped in perfect sync by Wynton Kelly's piano, this Montgomery-penned smoker delivers nonstop swing from the very first note. Jimmy Cobb's sure snare and cymbal work drive the relentless beat to its natural level while Chambers anchors throughout. Montgomery's patented octave chording takes over in a stirring solo only to be followed by Kelly's brilliantly dancing response on the ivories. This piano man can surely swing. Chambers offers up a signature bowed bass solo that could easily slow the tempo, but somehow it just allows the tune to temporarily simmer, followed by a brilliantly counterpointed drum solo from the normally reserved Cobb. This is one group that plays completely in sync. Throughout, the normally showcased Montgomery seems, for once, to be seamlessly integrated into the total band concept and to great effect. The totality of purpose that these musicians so effectively demonstrate serves this classic well.

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Wes Montgomery: Four on Six

During an era of album-title hyperbole where every tenorman was a Colossus and each new release marked the Change of the Century, Wes Montgomery's Incredible Jazz Guitar was actually justified. After being on and off the scene for over a decade, Wes finally broke through to the hardcore jazz audience. Much was made (rightly) of his innovative octaves technique and distinctive pick-less pizzicato, but Wes's greatest asset was his sense of swing, which was well, incredible. "Four on Six," based on Gershwin's "Summertime" and given first-rate backing, makes a fitting introduction to this down-to-earth Olympian of jazz guitar.

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