J.J. Johnson: Hello Young Lovers

Few trombonists came anywhere near J.J.'s light-speed technique, and even those who did failed to match his tonal purity. The all-stars on this quintessential track rise to the leader's level, with former Johnson sideman Chambers, current sidekick Flanagan, and old bebop buddy Roach meshing masterfully. As a coda, J.J. quotes "March of the Siamese Children"—like "Hello Young Lovers," from Broadway's The King and I—slyly reminding us of his ungainly instrument's humble marching-band origins. In Johnson's hands, the sliphorn not only scaled the heights, it reached the summit. J.J.'s flag flies triumphantly alone at the peak of jazz trombone.

November 22, 2007 · 0 comments


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