Diana Krall: How Insensitive

It's not easy to sing bossa nova. Diana Krall just makes it seem easy. Krall has tackled bossa before, demonstrating a preternatural knack for this style. Krall manages to find just the right balance between relaxed languor and bittersweet emotion. She does it again on this exceptional track. Very few non-Brazilian jazz singers can match her on this terrain. Others will over-sing or clumsily impose jazz phrasing on the Brazilian idiom. In Rio de Janeiro, they describe something indigenous to the city as Carioca, which comes from the Tupi word Karaioca. Well, let me coin a new word . . Krall-i-oca, to signify that rare U.S. singer who can capture the ambiance of this music with such intimacy and assurance.

June 28, 2008 · 0 comments


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