Gábor Gadó: Little Bloody Song

Hungarian guitarist Gábor Gadó, though he’s been living in Paris for quite some time and has formed his quartet there, is still deeply in touch with his homeland, where he records regularly. His music is both melodic and structurally complex, mixing the modes of the nearby Orient and the harmonies of Western Europe. Gadó’s guitar has been influenced by the sounds of rock and adopts a characteristic, sinuous phrasing that’s very effective in unison with the tenor. His French and German partners fully understand Gadó’s universe and have greatly contributed to its evolution in time.

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Markus Stockhausen / Ferenc Snétberger / Arild Andersen / Patrice Héral: Gommé

This beautiful melody played in a swift 6/8 rhythm sounds deceptively simple in the hands of virtuoso trumpeter Stockhausen, the son of German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Of course Markus has played contemporary music with his father, and baroque, jazz and folk music with his own ensembles. So everything flows most naturally from his horn, and his unisons with Hungarian Gypsy acoustic guitarist Snétberger are stunning. Besides, the French-Norwegian rhythm team that supports them is so melodic in its approach that one isn't surprised to learn that they also deal with folk music. This is a good example of an all-European band that found a convincing way to play jazz that's essentially based on their own local roots.

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