Maynard Ferguson: Love Locked Out

Maynard Ferguson led an impressive band in Canada as a teen, and would soon join the bands of Jimmy Dorsey, Boyd Raeburn and Charlie Barnet. By 1950, Ferguson was a featured member of the Stan Kenton Innovations Orchestra, and he amazed nearly everyone who heard him with his screaming style and lightning technique. It was Kenton who talked Capitol Records into giving Maynard his own record date, and most of the personnel were then members of the Kenton band. Of the four sides recorded, "Love Locked Out" is the standout. This is a lovely statement by Maynard proving he had a beautiful low register in addition to his incredible high-register sounds, and that he could play very lyrically; he was not simply a freak high-note player. The other star is arranger Paul Villepigue. His linear writing, as well as his use of ensemble coloring, is the work of a master. In this writer's opinion, "Love Locked Out" is his finest work.

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