Tom Scott: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Tom Scott gathered together a very hot band for his Cannonball Adderley tribute CD Cannon Re-Loaded. With Terence Blanchard, George Duke, Steve Gadd, Marcus Miller and Larry Goldings on hand, the groove is in good hands. On this track, Scott tackles Adderley's biggest hit, "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy," and keeps it in-the-pocket with a smooth, medium tempo rendition. There are no theatrics or grandstanding here, just a lot of soulful playing from all participants. Scott and Blanchard offer strong solos, but give credit to the rhythm section with its loose, airy swing. Cannonball would be proud.

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Cannonball Adderley: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

During a 1964 Playboy panel discussion, Cannonball Adderley contemplated jazz's economic predicament. "There is an audience out there now, a sizable audience. But you have to play for it." As good as his word, Cannonball never failed to reach an audience with his urbane but populist funk. His biggest hit, recorded boisterously live in 1966, was "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy," a deep-dish, down-home gospel tune surprisingly written by Adderley's white pianist. "When Joe plays on a record," said Cannonball, "I defy a layman to determine his race." When Cannonball plays on a record, we defy anyone to resist his grace.

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