Paul Bley: My Old Flame

Here's a charmingly romantic ballad from very early in Bley's career. His sense of timing here is incredible. If you listen carefully, you can discover one of the secrets behind his lyrical phrasing: he's singing along. I think that at heart he might really be a singer, and the piano is just the instrument through which he finds himself best able to sing.

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Stan Kenton: My Old Flame

Those familiar with Marty Paich’s Dek-Tette and his recordings with Mel Tormé and Art Pepper might be surprised at this effective concert setting of a standard song from 1934 introduced by Mae West. Yet Paich loved writing such ambitious music for Kenton. (Marty had studied with Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Arnold Schoenberg, and earned a Masters Degree in composition.) Paich would contribute additional pieces and settings for Kenton as late as the ‘70s. Perkins and Noto solo in this recording made at the Rendezvous Ballroom.

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