The Trombones Inc.: Old Devil Moon

In the Space Age's rapidly unfolding drama, the Moon held center stage. Not only was it our nearest celestial neighbor, it was often visible to the naked eye, presenting a hugely obvious target and a stepping stone into space. First hit the Moon, we figured, then hop, skip and jump to the other planets and beyond. "Old Devil Moon" arranged for ten trombones (seriously!) captures our hallowed orb's wacky wonder even without the lyric's testimonial that "Stars in the night blazin' their light / Can't hold a candle to your razzle dazzle." And nobody's razzle dazzled more than that of Frank Rosolino, who shoots for the Moon with another of his devilishly demanding trombone solos and, as usual, makes it seem easy as pie.

November 16, 2007 · 0 comments


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