Medeski Martin & Wood: Partido Alto

Featuring production by hip-hop producer Scotty Hard, The Dropper doesn't have the slickness of Friday Afternoon in the Universe or the immediacy of Shack Man, but has a gritty rawness that makes it stand alone in the MMW discography, for better or worse. Martin's bass drum booms and Wood is mixed way out front, giving "Partido Alto" a thumping groove that may lead to widespread cases of the spontaneous booty shakes. Long a concert favorite, this jam-friendly tune has fostered many memorable guest appearances at MMW's live shows, including jam-scene guitar hero Trey Anastasio of Phish. Sun Ra altoist Marshall Allen makes his screechy, wailing presence felt briefly on this recording, albeit bizarrely transmogrified by Hard's production. Like many extended jams, however, "Partido Alto" is a tad unfocused, though the groove is fun enough that listeners shouldn't care as soon as they are up dancing by their stereos.

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Cássia Eller: Partido Alto

This impassioned Brazilian singer might have enjoyed tremendous success in the United States and overseas markets, but she was dead at age 39, only a few months after making this landmark recording. Eller rips into the Chico Buarque song with a fury that seems oddly out of keeping with the acoustic setting. How to describe the Eller sound? A favela version of Janis Joplin with a double dose of soul? Brazilian pop on steroids? Call it rock, call it world music, call it jazz - but whatever the category, track down Eller's work and introduce yourself to an extraordinary singer.

November 03, 2007 · 0 comments


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