Stan Getz & Gerry Mulligan: Scrapple From The Apple

Recently reissued in a spanking fresh, restored digital recording, the inevitable summit meeting between the formidable tenor and bari sax masters has never sounded better. With a crack rhythm section hand-picked by Getz and Mulligan’s bold suggestion that they trade horns for some of the tunes, these Capitol sessions produced moments of brilliance. Though “Scrapple” didn’t make the original release due to time constraints, it was clearly one of those moments.

Happily, on Charlie Parker’s up-tempo bebop anthem Getz and Mulligan are back on their principal instruments in a lively, flowing dialogue in which they seem to complete each other’s musical sentences, two leading proponents of the West Coast cool movement speaking fluent bopish with the intensity of a 52ndbn Street cutting contest on a Saturday night.

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Buddy DeFranco: Scrapple from the Apple

During the late 1940s, Buddy DeFranco earned the sobriquet of “the Charlie Parker of the Clarinet” for being among the first to play bebop on the instrument and to do it with a facility that rivaled Parker’s own. Amazingly, at age 80, DeFranco plays Parker’s up-tempo “Scrapple From The Apple” with virtually the same technical wizardry and mastery of bebop phraseology as in the old days. His hard-swinging colleagues are the John Pizzarelli Trio plus former Count Basie drummer Butch Miles.

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