Mose Allison: The Tennessee Waltz

So what's a super-hip, former dyed-in-the-cotton Mississippi peckerwood doing singing about a state to his north (pardon the word) whose capital is the hipster's Heart of Darkness (read: capital of country music)? First, this ain't no waltz, y'all, but funky 4/4. (Pronounced: foe/foe.) Plus it's a powerful distance from, with all due respect, Miss Patti Page. Still, the storyline's the same: at dance, introduce old friend to milady; while they waltz, "friend" steals her heart away. Left high & dry, Mose conjures some piquant backroom piano licks, but his gal stays lost. Moral: when the band plays "The Volunteer State Waltz," volunteer yo' gal to nobody, friend nor foe.

April 04, 2008 · 0 comments


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